Culinary Heritage

In Jurodis we are proud to introduce our guests to the traditional Lithuanian cuisine and beverages. Upon request we can arrange an authentic dinner, just like one served on Lithuanian tables centuries ago. Our ancestors were farmers and livestock breeders, therefore their main food consisted of what lives and grows in our regional climate.

The ancient Lithuanians appreciated a variety of meats – both farmed and hunted. A significant part of the diet consisted of dairy products and cereals. Last, but not least, an important place in the kitchen was dedicated for vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, berries and fish. Lithuanian culinary heritage was influenced not only by the Lithuanian way of life, but also by the different religions, the neighbouring nations and cultures, and migration.

In Jurodis we preserve the delicious ethnic Samogitian (Žemaitija) culinary heritage, which was slightly influenced by German culture. In Jurodis we offer tastings of beef braised in bread kvass, fried pork with local herbs, sauerkraut stew, sour potato soup, cold soup, mirkalas (special sauce) with hot potatoes, fish according to local recipes, mashed hemp, Kastinys (sour cream and butter flavoured with spices), mint tea, fresh honey, and many other dishes and drinks.